BilisBenta - Dropshipping in the Phillipines
Everything you need to know so you can
get started with BILISBENTA

BilisBenta is a dropshipping platform which has shared inventories and resources to all its members. Members can sell thousands of products to the store that BilisBenta will create for each member on Lazada, releasing soon at Shopee and Shopify.
How to become a member?
  1. Register in and input all information needed.
  2. Choose your desired categories to sell and click “subscribe now”.
  3. Fill up the subscriber form then click “subscribe” to proceed on payment tab.
  4. Before paying, please read the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Choose payment option.
  6. Once payment is done, a confirmation email will be sent to you.
  7. Processing team will create your Lazada store in 3-4 working days.

BilisBenta inventories are shared to all members. It provides real time inventory.
You can see the updated stocks of the products assigned to your store on your Lazada SellerCenter.
You can change your profit margin mark up on your SellerCenter. Go to Product, then to Manage Product tab to change the price.
Note: Do not sell lower than the cost.
All products in BilisBenta has its own supplier because this is a shared inventory to all members. However, replenishing of stocks depends on the supplier; some replenish easily while others don’t.
One of the services of Bilisbenta is to process all the orders of the members. We do the pick, pack and serve. It’s hassle free!
Bilisbenta acquires numerous suppliers under its company to serve all its members. Supplier has stored their inventories on our warehouse for real time orders.
Real time sales detail can be viewed on BilisBenta dashboard and on your Lazada SellerCenter.
All risk and material used are shouldered by BilisBenta.
All disputes and claimable disputes such as return items, shipping fee discrepancies and etc. is handled by BilisBenta Team.
Yes. You can use the promotional tools like flexi-combo, vouchers and shipping tools as long as the selling price will not be lower than the cost. For Flash sale, you need to inform our team first if you want to join the Flash Sale submission.
Yes. But you need to inform our Team on Flash Sale approval so we can secure your inventory for your Flash Sale slot.
For monthly subscription: We require advance payment for the subscriptions. Your subscription is good for 30 days. If you plan to stop your subscription, you need to consume the 30 days. We don’t allow cancellation during the 30 days period. Then on the next or following month, if you still did not pay your monthly subscription, we will deactivate your access to your store.

You can access your Dashboard, but your store will be on Holiday Mode, unless you re-subscribe for a catalog.However, after 180 Days of Holiday Mode without re-subscription, we will remove your access to BilisBenta Dashboard.

For annual subscription: Annual subscription will be given at a discounted rate. But if you decide to unsubscribe, we will charge you on a regular monthly rate. Refund will be processed 2 weeks after receipt of written notice of termination.
For refund of subscription, there will be a 15% charge to be deducted from the remaining or unused subscription fees.

withdrawal initiation from Thursday to Sunday.
Note: Please be advice that those SOA is a week from present SOA dated.
You can view and check summary of transactions on your SellerCenter or in the BilisBenta dashboard.

Requirements & Terms
  1. Give us at least three store names.
  2. Upload a copy of one Government ID (Front side & Back side). *Valid ID’s (SSS, Driver’s License, Passport, PHILHEALTH, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, TIN ID).
  3. Provide us your Bank Name, Account Name and Account Number.
Dropshipping is allowed on Lazada as long as the seller complies to the platform rules and regulations

BilisBenta has partnered with an accounting firm. We offer an in-house registration but there will be a service charge of 5% per transaction base on item price. This charge will be paid to the accounting firm. You can also opt to personally register to BIR.