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General FAQ

What is Bilisbenta ( How to do Dropshipping with Bilisbenta?

Bilisbenta is a local automated dropshipping platform here in the Philippines that offers shared inventories and resources to its Dropshippers. Dropshippers can sell thousands of products on the platform of Lazada, and soon on Shopee and Shopify on the ready to sell store created for them by Bilisbenta, complete with product photos and descriptions.

How to become a member?

  1. Register to and follow the steps to verify your email address.

  2. Go to Catalogs, choose your desired catalog/s to sell and Subscribe.

  3. Fill up the Subscriber form then proceed with the payment page.

  4. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you.

  5. Choose your preferred payment option and once payment is done, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

  6. Your subscription will undergo payment verification, store creation and will be turned over for a maximum of seven (7) working days.

Bilisbenta is on a shared inventory system for its products per catalog.

Dropshippers view real time inventory or stock level of the products on the Lazada Seller Center.

"Dropshippers must price their products strategically at an acceptable profit margin. To edit prices, go to Products > Manage Products > Edit > Special Price. Make sure to indicate Start and End date for price to take effect. Note: Never sell your products lower than the Bilisbenta cost found on your dashboard"

"Before a product goes out of stock, Bilisbenta Sourcing team arranges replenishment from our mix of local and international suppliers. However, there will be products that are no longer replenishable. Bilisbenta continues to add assortment of new products to fill in for non-replenishable items."

"All subscription fee is non refundable."

A stock keeping unit (SKU) is a unique identifier for an item sold by a retailer. Therefore, Seller SKUs found on your Stores must never be altered or revised.

Cost of goods for each SKU or product can be found on your Bilisbenta dashboard under Price List.

No, Bilisbenta will create a new store for every Catalog subscribed.

Not all items have healthy stock level. Bilisbenta encourages its Dropshippers to market and sell those with evident deep inventories on the Seller Center.

"Bilisbenta Fulfillment Support Team will coordinate the affected order/s to the Dropshipper and provide replacement product for the out of stock item/s through convemient communication channels. Dropshipper must immediately coordinate with its customer regarding the replacement. Bilisbenta will wait for feedback to proceed or not with the replacement. Dropshippers must always be available should such instances arise. Failure to respond or to communicate with Bilisbenta on the resolution of affected order/s will cause delay in the processing of orders. To avoid SLA Breach and OVL, Bilisbenta will decide on the solution of the order and inform the Dropshipper about it. "

Bilisbenta replenishes its products regularly with close coordination with Suppliers. Leadtime depends on the availability of stocks and delivery timeline of suppliers.

Dropshippers can export and update products in bullk through the Batch Export and Batch Import under Manage Products. The desired template to be edited must be chosen.

  1. Go to Products > Manage Products.

  2. Click Batch Export.

  3. Select "Export Selected Products" (this will show you number of selected items) or "Export All Products" (choose all active).

  4. Choose which template you would want to edit and export in batch.

  5. CLick Export File.

  6. Open Downloaded File and start editing.

  7. After editing, save the file as is.

  8. Click Batch Upload.

  9. Select Upload File and submit saved file.

  10. You can see progress under Task Status Column and you may update the file that fails and upload it again until you get successful report.

Bilisbenta turns over your Store with the product list on the catalog you have availed for subcription. Any product not on the catalog is not allowed.

  1. Change your Lazada Seller Center Prices at your preferred markup percentage based on cost at BB site. Never go below BB cost.

  2. Edit all Product Thumbnails to create more attractive images.

  3. Identify atleast 10-20 winning items by doing product reserarch on Lazada or by observing product visitors.

  4. Edit Product Listing of winning products aiming for 100% content score through the use of Lorikeet.

  5. Decorate your Store Decoration and utilize all modules.

  6. Join Lazada Campaigns for exposure and traffic.

  7. Post rating on Lazada Store Feed.

  8. Create Facebook page and Buiness Facebook account for social media engagement to reach potential customers through Ads.

  9. Join Buy and Sell Groups on Facebook and Marketplaces for additional store and product traffic.

  10. Post your winning items on your social media page/s and share to gourps using business FB account everyday.

  11. Continue editing the rest of your products while consistently posting on all available channels.

  12. Utilize the free Lazada Feeds, Seller Picks and Customer Engagement Management features to reach out to your potential Customers.

  1. Do not sell below cost.

  2. Do not change or alter Seller SKU when editing products.

  3. Do not change the product size, dimenson and weight not unless advised by Bilisbenta through a Memo.

  4. Do not put Brands on product names to avoid copyright infringement.

  5. Do not edit the stocks on your Seller Center.

  1. Make it a habit to check and read your emails and memos from this platform to be updated.

  2. Strategize a marketing plan on how to market or promote your products. Research and study your products and your target market.You may also compare with your competitors to better understand your competition and improve yours.

  3. Always update your skills by learning the Lazada University.

  4. Always check the Seller Center for available Promotions. You do not need to join all.

  5. Always remember not to set your pricing below the Item Cost found on the Bilisbenta dashboard.

  6. Respect each other within and outside the platform for we have the common goal of succeeding in this partnership.

  7. Support other Dropshippers by sharing your proven effective strategies in the community.

  8. Always reach out to Bilisbenta authorized representatives regarding your concerns.

  9. Make it a daily habit to check your Order Returns. Lazada will automatically give out the item and it will be charged to your account if left unprocessed.

Once registered, you can promote Bilisbenta with your affiliate link and use this as a way to get 10% incentive and is just a one time commission per user.

This is a point system where we measure the drop shippers’ compliance to BilisBenta’s policies specifically with selling our items not below the cost. If any drop shipper is verified to have taken part in any activities that result to selling our items below cost, a non-compliance point will be issued depending on severity of breach of our policy. In addition to that, the order/s that are detected to be sold below cost will be put on-hold by our Fulfillment Team. The drop shipper needs to confirm and pay the total cost of items of the order/s in order for the Fulfillment Team to process their orders, otherwise, it will be cancelled because of Service-Level Agreement (SLA) on their respective Seller Center. BilisBenta will not be liable for any negative impact on their store performance. Consequences of Drop shippers’ Non-Compliance Points Drop shipper will face certain restrictions on their account when they reach thresholds between frequency and milestone, whichever comes first. Frequency - Number of times drop shipper sold out items below cost per day Milestone - 1 point = Php 100.00 total cost prices of orders sold below cost Frequency Milestone Penalty Description 7 times 50 points Termination of store's account Store will be put on indefinite Holiday Mode and BB access will be turn off regardless of the remaining days 6 times 40 points 3 weeks Holiday Mode Store will be put on Holiday mode for 3 weeks for the drop shipper to adjust his/her pricing strategy and promotions and campaigns that affect his/her sales. Store access is still on. 5 times 30 points 2 weeks Holiday Mode Store will be put on Holiday mode for 2 weeks for the drop shipper to adjust his/her pricing strategy and promotions and campaigns that affect his/her sales. Store access is still on. 4 times 20 points 1 week Holiday Mode Store will be put on Holiday mode for 1 week for the drop shipper to adjust his/her pricing strategy and promotions and campaigns that affect his/her sales. Store access is still on. 3 times 10 points 3 days Holiday mode Store will be put on Holiday mode for 3 days for the drop shipper to adjust his/her pricing strategy and promotions and campaigns that affect his/her sales. Store access is still on. How often are points levied? BilisBenta tracks non-compliance actions daily. All non-compliance points will also be updated in a drop shipper’s account daily. Does BilisBenta reset the points? BilisBenta will reset a non-compliance points every 365 days, beginning from the date the non-compliance point was first issued. A drop shipper account termination, due to issuance of 50 or more non-compliance points, is final. A terminated drop shipper account will not be reactivated after 365 days. How will the drop shipper be notified of his/her non-compliance? An email will be sent to the drop shipper to notify their non-compliance points and consequence.

Fulfillment FAQ

Who fulfills my orders and do I need to do anything about it?

"Bilisbenta fulfills all orders for their partner Dropshippers providing hassle free online selling business from picking, packing upto delivery. Dropshippers need not to worry about the fulfillment part of their business."

Bilisbenta partners and continuously acquires both local and international suppliers under its company for Dropshippers to enjoy a wide array of products. All stocks are housed in Bilisbenta warehouse for fast and efficient order fulfillment.

"All risks and materials spend are shouldered by Bilisbenta. However, we will only allow returns for the two reasons;
- Wrong item served (with photos as proof)
- Damage item served (with photos as proof)"

"All disputes such as returned items, shipping fee discrepancies etc. is handled by BilisBenta Team."

Returns rate must be less than 15% (Lazada and Shopee) of the total Store orders.

All orders have to be returned to avoid charges.

  • Step 1: Go to Seller Center and Click Orders and Reviews.

  • Step 2: Go to Return Orders then Return Initiated.

  • Step 3: Click Return OR Return & Refund Button.

Here's a sample message you can send to your Customer:
Good day Customer! Here is how you can process Return & Refund of your order/s:

  1. Open your Lazada App and Go to Initiate Return.

  2. Once I accept your request, go to Return Orders View Details.

  3. Choose Shipment and select LBC.

  4. Present the Tracking Number sent to you by LBC as you drop off the item/s.

  5. Once we receive the item/s back, Refund will automatically credited to you as Lazada Wallet or as cash you can encash on any Lazada partners.

If you have accidentally clicked on Ready to Ship on your Seller Center on mobile or desktop, Bilisbenta will not be able to see it in the line of orders to be fulfilled. Possibility to lose the order and have penalties of Order Volume Limit (OVL) will be implemented by Lazada. Reach out to Bilisbenta support if you have committed this error.

Bilisbenta is an automated integrated Dropshiiping platform which enables and gives it Dropshippers the convenience of end-to-end e-commerce operations. Therefore, Dropshippers need to to do or trigger anything on the Seller Center for theor orders to be processed. Bilisbenta Fulfillment team gets notified through the system and will be processed accordingly.

Sales & Payment FAQ

Do we have real time Sales Details?

Real time sales report is viewable on each Dropshipper's Lazada Seller Center account with more specific data under Business Advisor while Order Tracking Report and Sales income will be reflected on the Bilisbenta dashboard simultaneously.

Dropshippers can join Campaigns and use promotional tools under Lazada Seller Center's Promotions such as Flexi Combo, Seller Voucher, Free Shipping and Bundles as long as the selling price will never be lower than the Bilisbenta cost.

For Flash Sale participation, an email request to join must be submitted for approval with the Campaign Name and nominated product list.

The cut-off for withdrawal request is every Monday and it will be for payout Thursday of the same week. For new stores, it will take 3 payout cycles from your first week sales.

Note: Make sure all these details are complete to proceed to your withdrawal

  • Account Number

  • Account Name

  • Bank Name

  • Bank Statement

  • ID Number

  • ID Image

Is there Summary of Transactions?
"You can view and check summary of transactions on your Seller Center or on the BilisBenta dashboard." For new subscribers, Sales Details under Report Tab will be updated one (1) week after your 2nd weekly Statement of Account (SOA) on your Seller Center. Other reports with regards to your Orders and Affiliate Link are updated timely on your dashboard.

BilisBenta allows Sponsored Discovery to its dropshippers only through manual top-up and use of other payment methods but never their store earnings. Before a dropshipper can access this Sponsored Solution, the store must meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

For those dropshippers who used their store earnings to top-up their Sponsored Solutions Account Balance should pay the amount that was deducted from the Store Wallet Balance. This should be settled within three (3) business days after the receipt of email notice. If the dropshipper didn’t pay in the settlement period, the amount used to top-up Sponsored Solutions will be directly deducted to their BilisBenta Wallet Balance. Dropshippers will be notified about the deduction through their email.

Consequences of Using Store Earnings
Dropshippers will face penalties according to their offense.

Offense Penalty Description
1st Offense
  • Less 7 days subscription
  • Subscription will be deducted by 7 days
  • Store access is on
2nd Offense
  • Less 15 days subscription
  • Subscription will be deducted by 15 days
  • Store access is on
3rd Offense
  • Less 30 days subscription
  • Subscription will be deducted by 30 days
  • Store access is on

Bilisbenta allows Sponsored Affiliates to its Dropshippers by requesting access to Main Seller with the promise that the Dropshipper knows and understands how to navigate through this solution. We will only allow if you have priced your products correctly to cover for the commissions/spends on this solution. We are avoiding loss on cost of good if mark up of your products are not right.

To withdraw referral income, you must first become a paid Subscriber to.

Requirements & Terms FAQ

After I register and decided to subscribe, what requirements do I need to provide?

  1. Give at least three (3) unique Store Names and make sure they are spelled correctly to avoid errors when your store gets created and turned over. Requests for Store Change Name will be entertained and processed but subject to approval of Lazada Team.

  2. Upload a copy of one Government ID (Front side & Back side). Valid IDs (SSS, Driver’s License, Passport, PHILHEALTH, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, TIN ID).

  3. Provide us your accurate Bank Name, Account Name and Account Number. Errors on the enrollment will affect payout process for your Store.

Dropshipping is allowed on online marketplaces such Lazada, Shopee, Zilingo and etc. as long as the Dropshipper complies with the platforms' rules and regulations.

For a hassle-free dropshipping, BilisBenta has partnered with an accounting firm. We offer an in-house registration for handling your tax filing but there will be a service charge of 5% per transaction based on gross earnings (Sales Income less Pass-on Price). This charge will be paid to the accounting firm. You can also opt to personally register to BIR.

"Subscriptions can be paid through Paypal, Paymongo and Bank Transfer. Transactions under Bank Transfer are the following:

ATM/Debit Cards (Online Bank Transfer)
Over-the-Counter Bank Deposit
e-Wallet (Gcash, Coins.PH, PayMaya, etc.)

Proof of payment must be uploaded on the Subscription page for these Bank Transfer transactions."