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Mission and Vision

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We desire to help the community of business inclined people and aspiring entrepreneurs in E-commerce providing them the easiest start thru a dropshipping platform, enabling them to sell via Lazada and Shopee platform and .com website supplied by merchants both local and international.


We want to become the go-to-dropshipping platform with our efficient automated system, proven track record in the E-commerce industry and determined support team who desire to make a difference in our Dropshipper's lives and future businesses. Partnership with Bilisbenta will create more opportunities for Filipinos inside and outside of the country giving them a source of income at the comfort of their own home 24/7


BilisBenta was launched to make dropshipping business accessible to anyone who wants to start an online business easy, fast and hassle free. BilisBenta promises to provide a start to all aspiring entrepreneurs, with or without knowledge and experience in dropshipping.